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    Video: The Tester - Episode 7 Available for PS3 on PSN Today

    PlayStation Network Executive Producer Kevin Furuichi has made available a preview video of The Tester - Episode 7 which also hits PS3 on PSN today.

    To quote: This week on The Tester, we find out who has what it takes to make it to the "final three." It is not going to be easy.

    In Episode 7, "Killer Recall," Amped, Cyrus, Nauseous, and Star must memorize self-defense combinations and use them against a gauntlet of attackers in a live game scenario.

    The grueling mental and physical challenge puts' individual memorization abilities to the test - a key skill needed to recreate game bugs or follow critical procedures in the QA environment. You don't want to miss this episode!

    On hand who's got all the right moves is God of War III's Director of Product Development, John Hight. A industry veteran with dozens of titles to his credit and a Cinematic Arts Professor at USC to boot John's got an excellent eye for talent. is available in both Standard and High Definition formats from the PlayStation Store and also showing in PlayStation Home - Theater 8, where another free cast T-shirt (Doc's) will be rewarded. Also, check out this week's commemorative item available in the Theater and Central Plaza kiosks.

    Thanks again for downloading and watching The Tester. Don't miss the season finale next Thursday, April 8 when we find out who wins the job at Sony Computer Entertainment America.

    Video: The Tester - Episode 7 Available for PS3 on PSN Today

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    Weird Premise

    I think this premise for a show is weird. And a little mean. Does anyone really enjoy watching this spectacle? I have to say, reality TV is bad enough, but playing off of video games is even worse.