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PlayStation Network Executive Producer Kevin Furuichi has shared a preview of The Tester - Episode 4, which is available today on PSN.

To quote: Hey [Register or Login to view links] fans. It's Thursday, which means the wait is over for the next episode of The Tester.

Game developers know that the ability to thrive in almost any situation and use creativity to problem-solve are key qualities necessary to work in quality assurance. Testers must be able to adapt and create scenarios to fully analyze a game.

So, what better way to take people out of their comfort zone and assess their creativity than with a surprise live-action role play? That's right, things definitely get dramatic this week as the [Register or Login to view links] use random props, their wits and sheer guts to entertain and impress the panel.

And to help evaluate the performances, PlayStation Home's [Register or Login to view links] joins [Register or Login to view links] and [Register or Login to view links] on this week's panel.

Katherine oversees the creation of environments and virtual merchandise for the platform. An RPG veteran and former US Marine, she brings strong opinions and her d20 to this challenge.

Don't miss Episode 4. Thanks again for downloading and watching. Enjoy the show!

Video: The Tester - Episode 4 Available Today on PSN

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