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    There's no point of this it'll cost you around £300 for this and its virtual surround sound it'll be pretty neat but the proper surround sound with 5 speakers holds much more power and better quality, looks great but i'll stick with my Jamo speakers.

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    That sucks, no rear speakers, no detachable side speakers, thats not SURROUND, its just a nice speaker for under your TV , lol.How are you meant to hear enemies coming up behind you?! You cant beat a proper 5.1 system when playing a bit of COD!
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    I don't think is worth it. With Sony high price tag for stuff in history, I think plus a bit more you can by a entry lvl decent REAL 5.1/7.1 receiver w/ spkr. And they "forgot" to mention it's virtual surround sound which is a bit deceptive I think.

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    The speakers will costs round about 200€.

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    really the only purpose of this is to give the playstation an official sorround system, not really to try and replace the other sorround systems outthere but to make it easyer for the player/consumer to install and use this, well thats what i think at least. Looks pretty good tough.

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    I think my Z5500 will serve me better


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