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    Video: Sony GamesCom 2009 Press Conference 'Rewarmed'

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    Well, it's a day late but as Jem Alexander stated [Register or Login to view links] on the topic of Sony's GamesCom 2009 Press Conference:

    "Sorry. There is no live video stream. The press conference will be posted in Home soon after it ends (probably an hour or so).

    Alternatively, you can read our liveblog and learn all the info immediately. The choice is yours!"

    That being said, we've chosen 'none of the above' and have added it below via G4TV for those who'd still like to watch it. Cheers!

    Video: Sony GamesCom 2009 Press Conference 'Rewarmed'

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Yep, this most be Sony's worst kept secret. When did we knew about this thing coming out? two or three months ago? hehehe

    Or is it the PSP GO!? hmmm, maybe we should make some kind of a survey in order to figure this out

    For what I see, this new PS3 Slim is going to sell well. Hopefully it brings a lot of new changes and good improvements that take the "PlayStation" to a whole new level (what I mean is that I'm waiting for that backwards compatibility)

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    I believe it was more than two or three months ago since we heard of it. I'd say the ps3 slim take the "worst kept secret" award of the year.

    regular PS3's everywhere are already selling out because of the new price point. i can't imagine how much the ps3 slim is going to sell. i knew this day would come, sony will now catch up to the "other" consoles.

    p.s. There are rumors ([Register or Login to view links]) going around that backwards compatibility will come once the god of war pack launches. it will include the original god of war, god of war 2, and the highly anticipated demo; god of war 3.

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