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    Video: The Shoot PlayStation Move PS3 Motion Controller Footage

    Over the weekend we caught a glimpse of the first PlayStation Move Review featuring Table Tennis and Tiger Woods, and today another PlayStation Move PS3 Motion Controller video has surfaced spotlighting footage from The Shoot.

    To quote, roughly translated: "A new video has surfaced that shows in almost ten minutes of new game scenes on upcoming PlayStation Move games.

    Among other things, this shows video game scenes in front of The Shoot. The game will be published on September 15, 2010 in the starter set of PlayStation Move as a demo version.

    With PlayStation Move The Shoot offers plenty of destruction on the sets of numerous action films.

    The more you break shot, the easier it is to impress the virtual director... as scenes are five different venues, including a setting in the Wild West."

    Video: The Shoot PlayStation Move PS3 Motion Controller Footage

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    it would be cool if they would make a gun attachment like the wii.

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    Playstation Move seems really unnecessary to me. Does the gaming world really need another gimmicky motion controller? We already have sixaxis why not improve that instead of wasting resources on something like Move.

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    our111 is right. Sony implemented motion control to the sixaxis and most games do NOT support it. And that ones that do support it only support it in a small cheap way. Woohoo I just threw a grenade by moving the controller forward.