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    Video: Need for Speed: The Run Unbuckles the Seatbelt on PS3

    Sony Senior Social Media Specialist Rey Gutierrez has shared some video footage from this year's E3 Expo spotlighting Need for Speed: The Run on the PS3 entertainment system.

    To quote: Sid, Jeff and I have this recurring debate on how to keep a gaming franchise fresh and new over multiple iterations. We've discussed everything from and removing the football from Madden to taking BioShock out of the deep blue sea (oh wait.)

    These may sound like little more than preposterous game pitches, but with the latest iteration of Need for Speed, it seams like the dev team at EA eavesdropped on one of our many heated debates. Need for Speed: The Run takes the driver out of the car and into the underbelly of the city streets.

    Executive Producer Jason Delong joined us on our E3 livestream and presented a radically different vision for Need for Speed - one in which you're not always behind the wheel.

    I've always been a huge fan of all things fast, and Need for Speed has been a long time favorite racing franchise of mine, so when Jason walked us through The Run, I was skeptical at first - but by the end, I was sold on the newest Need for Speed.

    Check out the video above for a full in-depth walk-through.

    Video: Need for Speed: The Run Unbuckles the Seatbelt on PS3

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    I think I'll stick to Hot Pursuit.