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    Video: NAT Type 3 to Type 1 Wirelessly via PS3

    This is revolutionary... It actually works, try it out to go from NAT Type 3 to Type 1 wirelessly.

    No messing around on routers to forward ports or setting up DMZ, just access through PS3 network settings.

    Works better when firewall on router is on low. This is okay as long as you have Windows firewall on.

    Set up through the PS3 following the video below:

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    Pretty interesting.

    I am quite happy with the newly acquired NAT 2 Status. It took me days mucking around with the router, PS3 and internet settings and when I started playing GT5 Prologue, it said NAT Type 2!

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    I tried this out briefly and failed, but I dont see what is so "revolutionary" about it.
    All he seems to have changed is the MTU.

    I think the main reason he was able to get the coveted "NAT1" was because he had his firewall on the router turned off.