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SCEA Associate Product Marketing Manager Chuck Lacson has shared a video spotlight today on ModNation Racers PS3 artist Jesse Hernandez, where the designer showcases his "vinyl addiction" among other things.

To quote: To kick off ModNation May, we are bringing you a new Artist Spotlight!

After seeing some of the gaming industry's top talent and [Register or Login to view links] take ModNation for a spin, our next Spotlight takes us to a completely different scene.

ModNation definitely has a unique art style, and if you've seen any of ModNation's [Register or Login to view links], you might know the look of the game was inspired by the [Register or Login to view links].

No one knows this scene better than artist [Register or Login to view links], the man behind [Register or Login to view links] and host of [Register or Login to view links], a show that covers the designer toy scene.

We spent sometime with Jesse, not only get a bit of insight on the scene and to explore his art, but to see how a true Vinyl artist could express himself with the game while having some fun along the way. What we saw was how easy someone can bring their vision to life, even if they are used to a totally different medium.

More Spotlights to come in the weeks ahead! As you noticed, Jeff has hooked us up with a sweet new COUNTDOWN clock!

Just 22 days left! To quote Jesse, "That's What's Up!"

Video: ModNation Racers PS3 Artist Spotlight: Jesse Hernandez

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