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Today SCEA's Associate Product Marketing Manager Chuck Lacson has shared a video spotlighting ModNation Racers PS3 Artist Huck Gee, as follows:

The guys in [Register or Login to view links] weren't just inspired by the art and toys of the Urban Vinyl [Register or Login to view links], they loved how the movement gave talented people a new way to express themselves. It gave artists a new way to be seen and to get recognized for their talents.

We hope [Register or Login to view links] will be a way people can share their imagination with the world, just like these artists got to do with vinyl toys.

This week, the Artist Spotlight stays in the world of Urban Vinyl to meet another one of its superstars, [Register or Login to view links].

In this Spotlight, Huck shows us some of his favorite toys, boots up ModNation to bring his "Skullhead" character to life, and STILL has time to have a RACE with fellow vinyl artist, Jesse Hernandez!

Huck not only has made a sweet career designing toys for companies like [Register or Login to view links], but is one of the few vinyl artists featured in the [Register or Login to view links] in New York. It was great to see how he was able to realize his vision with the game's tools and ultimately race it.

Video: ModNation Racers PS3 Artist Spotlight: Huck Gee

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