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    Video: MMO Shooter Defiance Coming to PS3, Watch the Trailer

    Senior Producer Rob Hill has announced today that MMO shooter Defiance is coming to PS3 along with a new video trailer of the game in action below!

    To quote: I'm Rob Hill, Sr. Producer on, and today I'm here to unveil the first ever clip of gameplay for this very exciting shooter MMO for PS3.

    For those that don't know, Defiance is the first persistent online world that plays like a pixel perfect shooter. Unlike other shooter games where you can play co-op with 4 or 8 players at most, Defiance supports thousands of players playing together in a game that never ends.

    And if that doesn't raise your eyebrows just a bit, the world of Defiance exists not only in the game, but in a TV series of the same name that will air on the Syfy channel. The game and show will change and evolve together, to create an entertainment experience unlike anything you've ever experienced.

    We're glad to be able to take advantage of the power and features of the PS3 to help bring such a world to life.

    Video: MMO Shooter Defiance Coming to PS3, Watch the Trailer

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    from the video it looks like it is players vs npcs only. if that is the case i don't see this game achieving a mass adoption rate as most people who play shooters want to shoot and teabag other real people to prove their superior gaming skills.

    although the crossing of an mmo and a shooter is an interesting idea, i wonder how the balance will be with different level weapons.

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    yeah looks ok but i agree with inginear i'd prefer to teabag noobs all day.. LOL seriously it will be interesting to see an mmo on ps3 as i doubt its got the power and i bet the servers are no good,like most games.. unless you live in usa.. all i can see is lag or sub par graphics to be honest but i'll try it as i've never experienced a mmo before and am definitely interested.. thanks for the news boss!

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    While its good to see another MMO finally reach the PS3, it would be nice if it wasn't yet another FPS. Even thought shooter seem to be the popular thing for many, I want to see more RPG MMO's for the PS3.