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    Video: Mass Effect 2 Announced for PS3 at GamesCom 2010

    A big one at GamesCom this year, Mass Effect 2 will be available on Sony's PS3 entertainment system as of January, 2011.

    The PS3 version of the game will feature the original game with "hours of bonus content", although what this content could be is up to speculation.

    Personally I believe that the game will ship will all current DLC packs and maybe any that become available before January.

    However, there are currently no plans to bring Mass Effect 1 over to the PS3, but there is the hope that the inevitable Mass Effect 3 might be released on both consoles at the same time upon release.

    Those interested can check out the Mass Effect 2 trailer video and official coverart courtesy of below!

    Video: Mass Effect 2 Announced for PS3 at GamesCom 2010

    Video: Mass Effect 2 Announced for PS3 at GamesCom 2010

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    Big Grin

    Bill Gates is probably like "crap...".

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    Lol, more like every 360 fanboy going "wtf!?! dat's 0ur g4m3z!!!

    But seriously, I'm glad they are bringing this game to PS3. I have ME1 & ME2 for the pc, and had a blast playing them. It's kind of odd they aren't bringing ME1 first though...

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    The reason ME1 isn't being brought to the PS3 is because microsoft owns the rights to that game and from what i've heard me2 is miles better and what little decisions are changed with the imported save from me1 is miniscule at best and the stories still there.

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    All I have to say is... I LOVE YOU BIOWARE!

    Now I have no reason to buy a 360.

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    This is amazing, now Xbox owners will know how we felt when FFXIII was announced to be multi platform.