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    Video: MAG - Questions Answered & Live Chat Announcement

    Today Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein shared a MAG FAQ video along with a live chat announcement, to quote:

    When we asked you what you wanted to know about a rather large list of our upcoming, exclusive games, questions for developer far outweighed the rest. That's why the following Q&A video lasts a whopping 12 minutes (!)

    But know that I had to have a light hand on the editor; any shots cut are readers' queries going unanswered - and where's the fun in that? First up, Zipper VP Michael Gutmann gives us the overview, before Lead Designer Andy Beaudoin breaks down the gameplay in detail.

    OK, even with all of those questions deftly addressed by Zipper, I'm wagering that you now have a few more things that you'd like to ask. That's why the team will be joining us LIVE on the Blog this Wednesday at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern for a chat. Please join us!

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    cant wait to see what this game is like...

    bit unsure on how the servers are going to work tho.... i know i wouldn't be able to host a game room FULL of players.. 128 people per team? holy crap.

    and if the servers are going to be dedicated, there would be a massive lag factor i think for alot of people, mainly ME being in australia LOL unless they had a whole bunch spread all over the place...

    i doubt there would be very many dedicated servers due to the fact that the game is non-subscription the developers would have to fork out the cash to keep servers going.

    also wonder if it will be hard to actually be involved in a full war with both teams full.

    guess more will be known soon enough
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    i'm skeptical if this game would work with that many people, the lag would be massive..

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    256 on online this game will be just awesome