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    Video: Live Headshot Killzone 2 Demo for PlayStation 3

    In the Killzone 2 demo for PS3 you can do some serious damage to the enemy, but only if you acquire the special gun.

    And here's just how you do that - throw a grenade at the guy that's standing on the roof of the building inside the warehouse. It will make him run and get blown up off the building and allow you to pick up his gun.

    Below is a video of it courtesy of nublet06 via YouTube.. and the caption reads as follows:

    "Footage of me killing some dudes with head exploding headshots with the sta14 gun in the demo of Killzone 2. Get this gun by throwing a grenade at the guy thats standing on the roof of the buildin..."

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    i dont think its better then the normal gun... did you already try out the rocket launcher?