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    Video: Killzone 3 PS3 E3 2010 Gameplay Trailer

    The Managing Director of Guerrilla Games, Hermen Hulst has presented today the first gameplay trailer from Killzone 3 for the PS3, made completely of in-game footage.

    To quote: Today we're proud to present the first gameplay trailer for Killzone 3. What you are about to see is a trailer made completely out of in-game footage, taken from the game's fourth mission, called "Frozen Shores."

    Killzone 3 will take you to dangerous new corners of the Helghast home planet, and reveal that its environments are far more diverse than ISA Command had previously believed.

    In addition to the larger and more varied environments, Killzone 3 also introduces a brutal melee system and plenty of awesome new battle gear, including the Helghast jetpack and the WASP missile launcher demonstrated in the trailer.

    Enjoy the new gameplay trailer, and please let us know what you think in the comments!

    Video: Killzone 3 PS3 E3 2010 Gameplay Trailer

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    Looks awesome and brutal as expected.

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    killzone 2 is simply the most beautiful game ever! and killzone 3 is still raising the bar even higher!