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Design Director Tyler Sigman at Big Sandwich Games announced today that Hoard will be hitting PlayStation 3 via PSN on November 2, 2010 and shared a new video trailer of the title in action.

To quote: November 2nd is the day that HOARD drops on PSN for PlayStation 3! And as big a deal as this is for you, imagine how important it is for dragon-kind! Their story is finally out!

For those of you living in a cave (on a pile of gold?) over the last few months, HOARD is [Register or Login to view links] dual-stick action-strategy game about dragons gathering treasure.

Players roam over a medieval kingdom, burning villages, kidnapping princesses, slaying knights, and otherwise causing mayhem...all in the quest for the shiny stuff.

HOARD will sell for $14.99, and include over 35 unique maps across 4 game modes (Treasure Hunt, Princess Rush, Survival, and Co-op).

With the inclusion of leaderboards and a comprehensive rewards system featuring over 100 badges to earn (and full trophy support), there is easily over 20+ hours of gameplay waiting for you. That's like 1 cent per minute! The phone companies could never give this much value to you!

Get involved in the HOARD community at [Register or Login to view links], and make us feel part of the Social Network by becoming a fan on [Register or Login to view links]!

We look forward to seeing you online on November 2nd, although let's be honest-it will be sad to see our leaderboard positions drop!

Video: Hoard Hits PlayStation 3 via PSN on November 2, 2010

Video: Hoard Hits PlayStation 3 via PSN on November 2, 2010

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