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    Video: Heavy Rain on PS3 Surpasses the One Million Sales Mark

    SCEA Product Marketing Manager Jefferson Dong has revealed that Heavy Rain on PS3 has surpassed the one million sales mark today alongside a video, as follows:

    Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce that since its launch in February, Heavy Rain has hit is millionth mark in sales worldwide! Congratulations!

    Praised by for its gripping storyline, thought-provoking themes, innovation and engaging example of non-linear storytelling, it's no surprise that more than a million gamers agree.

    Don't believe us? If you haven't played Heavy Rain yet, then take a look at the following trailer highlighting the award-winning, critically-acclaimed, and one million unit-selling Heavy Rain!

    In addition, the only true way to experience what makes Heavy Rain so unique is to download and play the PSN demo for Heavy Rain straight from the PlayStation Store.

    We hope you're enjoying Heavy Rain, and the newly released Taxidermist Level (available on PSN for $4.99). But, if you're looking for more, continue to check back here on the PlayStation.Blog for the latest updates!

    Video: Heavy Rain on PS3 Surpasses the One Million Sales Mark

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    Definitely good sales for a niche title. Even better since it's only on PS3.

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    i would say one of the best graphically games ever made together with GOW3.

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    I wonder if any other of the million customers was so dissatisfied that they completed the game in 8 hours that they got a full refund.

    The game is great but it needs to be the same price as a dvd.
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    Ya it probably did take 8 hours for a single play though, but there are many multiple endings that I'm still working on the game.