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    Video: 3D Dot Game Heroes PS3 Character Design Contest

    Southpeak Games European PR Manager Rob Burman has announced news today of a contest alongside a video on 3D Dot Game Heroes PS3 character design.

    To quote: I'm here to reveal an exciting competition we're working on with the PlayStation Blog Europe that could see you, yes YOU, winning a super duper limited edition prize and a copy of 3D Dot Game Heroes - which is coming exclusively to PlayStation 3 on May 14th.

    But what's the competition, I hear you cry... well, one of the very cool features of 3DDGH is the character creator, which lets you make your own hero pixel by pixel.

    If you want to be a monkey in a bowler hat, no problem! A robotic pink pirate? Go ahead. Seriously, as long as you've got a little bit of imagination, you can go wild with the character editor. You can even share them with friends by popping them on a USB stick.

    To celebrate this awesome tool, we've created a simplified online version of the character creator - to give you a taste of what to expect from the more in-depth finished product and now we want you to make some fantastic heroes and enter them into a competition.

    The winner will receive a copy of 3D Dot Game Heroes and a very limited edition foam sword, just like the one used in the game. In fact, there are only 20 of these in the world... even I'm not allowed to keep one . The sword looks a bit like this but does not include me looking like an idiot.

    To be in with a chance of winning, just make your own hero in the online character editor, save it as a jpeg and then email it to

    The closing date for entries is May 11th and we'll announce the winners on the PlayStation Blog on May 13th. Also, remember to join the group to keep up to date with what's happening.

    Video: 3D Dot Game Heroes PS3 Character Design Contest

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