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    Ubisoft Plucks Enchanted Arms for PS3


    RPGs always have a slow start on next-generation systems due to their inherent complexity and depth, but From Software managed to bang out a quick one on Xbox 360,, last year. While nothing on the scale of Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, it was certainly no bomb, either, and did well enough that From Software decided to move forward with an upgraded edition for PlayStation 3.

    Ubisoft picked up translation duties on Xbox 360, so it's only natural they've done the same on PS3. The new features include SIXAXIS support to solve puzzles and immerse players in battle, 30 new creatures to collect, an all-new English language track (we're checking on this with Ubisoft -- why would they record the voices all over again?), new characters and ten minutes of anime-style cinematics.

    We actually liked Enchanted Arms well enough to score it a 7.5 ("Good"), so enhancements can only make things better. And it's not like is coming anytime soon.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    When I first read the title, you had me thinking that the game was being scraped. XD Phew.

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    i thought exactly the same thing, what else could it mean without bg info heh