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    Trying to install Xautoconfig for yellow dog

    hello guys

    i have downloaded the Xautoconfig file via the yellowdog using


    and the yellowdog os says it has saved the file but when i type
    rpm-ivh Xautoconfig-0.23-2.ydl.2.ppc.rpm it gives me a wrong command error

    can any1 see anything wrong with my text input install the Xaytoconfig file for the sd tvs

    thank you

    got the file to install but still ant see any os on a sd tv or is it only cmd lones you can see on a hd tv please any1 a little thank you

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    Re-install Xautoconfig. If the first attempt doesn't work then you have to re-install. Hope this will work!

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    ..once installed just type startx to launch Xwindow..