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    isn't streaming it free on the internet?

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    Next thing will be motion sensors , blow up doll controllers , games will come with ky - fun for all the family

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    Do you think this is a "payback" for $ony because they never and don't want to add adult content on their games...?

    I though God of War say hi to PS3 players ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by lindwurm View Post
    Lol so sony being soft after all... before that they claim that won't have an adult material on their merchandise ps3 or BD but who can denied cash flow from adult industry and sony don't wanna waste it and give their user a channel to it and enjoy the show rather than to browse and watch from the site
    A) - Aren't they getting "hard" actually?
    B) - Nobody says Sony is actually endorsing or supporting (technically) in any way - all it could be is the optimalization from SugarDVD to display properly in crappy PS3 browser ...


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