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    Speculation: First Real PlayStation 4 Details Available

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    Earlier today we reported on speculation that PS4 could be based on Cell Architecture.

    As a follow-up, camineet of NeoGAF points out the following via [Register or Login to view links]:

    Goto Hiroshige has received PSX4 spec info from Japanese developer sources who received preliminary spec from SCEI for developer feedback (whom Goto refuses to name due to NDA).

    - SCEI has sent rough PSX4 spec to 3rd party developers for feed back. Based on the description, PSX4 is a Wii-tized PSX3, no more than 2X as powerful.
    - SCEI wants to beat Xbox 3 to launch. 2011 is the deadline, or sooner.
    - SCEI pulled all its engineers from IBM Texas, and there is no new CELL architecture being developed. PSX4 will use same CELL architecture with improvements.
    - SCEI will dump XDR and use standard JEDEC memory type (GDDR3/DDR3) for main memory.

    And so the PlayStation 4 rumor wagon travels onward... :p More PlayStation 3 News...

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    PS3 has only been out for about two years and now the fourth is coming out in what, three years. Its a bit to soon.

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    Yeh seems a little early to be releasing the PS4 - I'm quite sure Sony would like to milk the PS3 for all its worth before unleashing the next beast upon us.

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    these things look too fake, I can believe the cell, but droping XDR would be a sword to there own throat.

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    and even if they already have plans for the next ps, they'd have to be really stupid to release that info just before christmas...


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