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    Quote Originally Posted by Kellog View Post
    Is the ext supported only in Linux mode ? I have some HD recordings in my ps3 and it's annoying I can not store them to my 1TB USB drive because of Fat32 filesize limitation (5GB & 9,5 GB files).
    I think the ext is only supported in Linux. For the larger HD recording you going to have to stream them over the network. Try PS3 media server.

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    did i miss something, or any idea on price in there?

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    tv box

    this sounds just like a sky+ box with a 500gig internal might be wrong.. just a thought. I can't see them having an external hdd for fear of sharing tv programs lol.

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    The 4GB rule is a filesystem limitation. Whatever software uses these drives would have to handle spanning across multiple files to access more than 4GB. The FAT limitation should not present a problem to the software mentioned in the advertisement.


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