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    Sony's Expanded PlayStation Network May Debut in Spring 2010

    According to a, PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai that said the bigger PlayStation Network may debut next Spring.

    Sony's CEO Howard Stringer has also dropped hints on the PlayStation Network expansion, which is said to include a broader service, leaping from the PSP and PlayStation 3 to Sony branded televisions and other gadgets.

    To quote: The service is said to make Sony devices "talk to each other efficiently," according to Stringer, that it will make it easier to handle digital camera images, edit video, share content and store whatever it is you download from a Sony device.

    Fortune also reports that Sony has designs on making acquisitions that would "accelerate the effort," but plans to "start small" and roll out the new PlayStation Network over time.

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    Any word on Netflix coming along with it? It just doesn't seem right that the PS3, which is so obviously the best console on the market, doesn't offer the NF service. I also wonder if they will be adding more HD movies - it seems that you can't "buy" any HD, they're only available for rent.