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    Senior Member niwakun's Avatar
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    so... it's finally coming.

    Just finished playing the Nintendo DS version, lol. I heard that this is a all new story and not just a port on NDS. I wonder if this software had this magic book again (btw. without the book that is included when you brought the software, you "will" not progress to the story at all. All hints and magic spells are in that book)

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    Over $400, no thanks!

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    Probably has tracking chip installed...

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    I could imagine sony doing something like this.

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    Lol, $ony is milking their customers ain't they huh ??

    New golden game editioned version PS3 - Over 400$
    Normal 160GB Slim at Walmart.ca - 249$

    Face the facts, sony is a bunch of greedy bastards... even the freaking 320 GB vers. costs only 349$

    -Sony, i am dissapoint.-

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    In Japan the PS3 is around $300 US Dollars, but it's still a massive difference in price for a different color.

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