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    Final Fantasy XIII and Yakuza.. played the demo of yakuza3 and its same awsome like yakuza 1 and 2
    and final fantasy... hmmmm. i still cant stop to watch the cinematic trailer

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    yeah!! God of war and ff is finally going to be out. There goes my study time for my tests.

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    Yakuza 3 and Resonnance of fate for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pretikewl View Post
    FF13 is a given, but after playing the GoW3 demo, I'm not so sure it's going to live up to all the hype.

    I just finished Bayonetta recently, and that game just seemed so much more fast paced and "cooler" than GoW.

    *runs and hides from the GoW fans*
    Been playing the GOW III DEMO since January, over and over again: I expected a bit more out of it. It feels like GOW II with better graphics, bigger enemies... and little else. I'm hoping the final release has more to offer. Still, I'm getting this one definitely.

    As for Bayonetta: great game, camera rotation gives it an extra point, but not 1/2 cooler than GOW. IMO, nice to rent, wouldn't buy.

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    I will buy ff XIII and God Of War III for sure!!! The best games I have ever played is God of war and Final Fandasy that's why i will buy them!!! I watched this video for ff 13 and I like it too much

    (It’s Japanese ) It has 3D Graphics and that's why I like it too much!!! I played the God Of War 3 Demo and I excited!!! I can't wait!!!

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    I recently got my hands on the Battlefield: Bad company 2. It is a must recommend for any fan of FPS. Hit me up to play sometime.


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