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    Quote Originally Posted by saviour07 View Post
    I was gonna make the same point as above, the only reason a second camera would be needed is for the z-axis, but sony have already demo'd that the "arc" (which i actually think is a good name!) can handle precise z-axis movement.

    I think the point made by someone about interacting with the games in a virtual environment similar to natal could be achieved with a mo-cap style motion tracking if sony were to release the little globes as peripherals to track knees and head movement...
    oh yes please, pick me,...pick me!!

    What I was trying to get at is, if you hide your wand behind you, can the eye still 'see' you?

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    lol sorry, didnt mean to pick on you... but why would you hide the controller behind you?

    i don't have my controller behind my back when im playing games now, so i cant imagine ill do it with the motion controller either

    nah i think i get your point though, and honestly i dont know if you could continue to control the game if the camera's line of sight was impared but i would like to hope that you could, considering the tech and research that has gone into these little things

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    I'm pretty excited my gf likes this kind of gimmicks, she loved wii sports but we both decided to dump the wii because it was very subpar in the graphics department.

    Now with uber cool graphics and a motion controller that probably handles better than the wii my gf will wet her pants.


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