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    Contributor br4insick's Avatar
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    hopefully a exploit in this 4.0

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    Is there a way to disable this stupid health warning message at boot?

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    LOL! I know right?

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    I was wondering if someone has tried to downgrade with the new firmware.

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    i emailed e3 flasher team but they have not replied yet.. i guess anyone here with a flasher hooked up won't risk trying it till they know if it works.. be good to know though i must admit..

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    thanks mate.. i think i'll pass on this for now then and see what happens with progskeet..

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    I am going to try this on the weekend with the progskeet and let you everyone know.

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    Oh my - now there is ANOTHER crappy icon on XMB - PSN+ (which takes you in the PSN Store anyway) - I'm already tired of Sony spaming me with all the useless Icon all over the XMB! Why we need the PSN store incon in almost every column now, useless What's new and now another major PITA with "double" Store icons in the same column? F. OFF Sony! I DON'T want to see any irelevant PSN+ content / option / icons if I'm NOT subscriber to this con "service" - take it away ...

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    i am plus subscriber and its there on startup but then dissappears.. very stupid and looks like homemade crap with health warning etc.. give us something good sony or get funked..

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