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    you know what they say about a fool and his money.. anyways that sucks mate you have to go through that sid.. i never even got an email about the original breach from sony.. but i may not have been effected or something.

    i've had no trouble yet.. touch wood.. LOL it would suck to be a target like sony is though..

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    My E-Mail got leaked and I did start getting weird emails from Nigerian Princes who wanted me to pay 15000 $ to facilitate my 150,000 $ winnings. I told him, deduct the cash needed from my winnings. I never got another spam from that ID after that. LOL.

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    Lmao, nice one .

    But what's sad about these 419 scammers is that they trick several people into giving them thousands of dollars and old people are usually the victims of these scammers. That's not to say all scammers are from Nigeria, many are also from Hong Kong and other places in China and around Asia.

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    Not scared of hackers.. I see.. Ah well, maybe he meant Sony is not scared of PSN hackers, fine. They sued the last one who was going to release the ultimate psn access. If we are not scared means we sue anyone who find how idiot is our security, well..

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    PS3 Hackers: Sony's dumb employees haven't held us back.


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