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    Thanks for the pics DrEmmettBrown and +Rep... I have updated the first post of the thread as well.

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    Never mind PSP (although that would be cool too)...
    Isn't it about time the PS1 & PS2 BC came out via firmware update anyway?!

    I know loads of people who put off buying a ps3, initially because it was too expensive, then because it couldn't play their back catelog of games!

    (Before anyone posts - yes they could have bought an early BC model like me, but like i said they were too expensive etc!)

    Anyway - seems things are finally lookig up what with the more agressive advertising (damn XBOX game ads pss me off - available on Xbox -yeah but also on PS3 damnit!). And hopefully this too.

    Just my thoughts on the subject - doubt anyone cares, but hey tough you've read em now!


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    Big Grin

    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    I hope so if it's true... otherwise it may end up looking something like this: http://www.ps3news.com/forums/site-n...news-7767.html
    Hehe yeah I remember that thing back in the early Psp days ^^. I wanted to buy one back then, but as soon as I had the actual stuff in front of me, I just couldn't imagine playing it without laughing (and maybe some sweat, as I recall it was quite heavy ^^).

    Still, I kinda like those "they-belong-to-a-museum freak hardware pieces"

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    If this rumor is a real thing, than sony is making a silly decision. IMHO, i don't think that it's a great idea (because psp sales will go down).

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    I don't think its true tho think of it this way sony already have many games from psp upscaled to ps3 such as tekken and crash bandicoot, even though its a ps1 game.. but hey and they can just do that rather than wasting time on a emulator they can use that time and give us a better update rather than adding crap like facebook etc.

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    Why would sony put that folder in a firmware that doesn't have a psp emulator? If they were planning wouldn't they leave it out?

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    Correct indeed, and on that I'm going to close this for now as there is no point in rehashing the same thing over for another 3 pages.


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