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    does this mean that we will get PS3 Backwards Compatibility soon?

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    I don't get the entire "bringing back" bit. We've had compatibility all along, otherwise how can we play PS1/PS2 classics from the PSN?

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    Well if we are comparing a 60GB launch PS3 that is on CFW compared to a PC emulator for ps2/ps1 games then the PS3 would be a superior choice for a few major reasons.
    • Since the launch model has PS2 hardware, it has far better compatibility than the available PC emulators. PS1 not so much, but definitely when it comes to PS2.
    • No setting configurations to worry about
    • Automatic support of PS3 controller (which is basically the same as PS2/PS1 so it works perfectly).

    You can burn the english-patched copy of the game to a disc and play it with CFW, or play the game as an ISO/BIN file directly if using a dongle, so that doesn't really matter.

    The only real advantage of the PC emulators for PS1/PS2 is the ability to enhance the visuals. This really isn't worth the much lower compatibility rate and hassle that comes with it, though. You also need a fairly good graphic card on your PC to be able to run a PS2 emulator with decent performance.


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