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    Rumor: Sony Recruiting PS3 Hackers to Combat Console Piracy

    A few weeks back we reported that Sony was hiring IP investigators as part of forming a PS3 anti-piracy program, and today Dutch site PSX-Sense (linked above) reports that they may also be recruiting PlayStation 3 hackers as well.

    According to rumor, Sarah McRae Koushik Dutta regarding a Software Engineer position that is opening at SCEA.

    To quote, roughly translated: Something we wouldn't expect from Sony; they are recruiting hackers for a job at SCEA. A hacker named Koush got an e-mail, which is 100% real, from Sarah McRae which works onsite at the Talent Acquisition department.

    He had been asked for a job at the R&D Departmen at Sony, we're sure Koushik isn't the only hacker which has been contacted by Sony. As a proof Koush posted a screenshot of the e-mail.

    Rumor: Sony Recruiting PS3 Hackers to Combat Console Piracy

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    A very principled man.

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    no hacker with a sense of honor would work for Sony given how they are treating hackers right now.

    that said Sony should have hired Geohot instead of suing him, then Sony would have Won, Geohot would have won, and we would have won...

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    A very fair reply, maybe its Geohot that should be recruiting?

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    Neat! If its real, i wonder what else are sony going to do.

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    FAKE !!!

    - no recruitment via E-mail (!!!)
    - "further discuss ..." <-- hello? Is it be professional to set points like that in a official e-mail?

    All in all it seems to be wrote down by a kid.. and no _ _ _ in an E-mail address.


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    This is real get over it that you didn't get an mail dude... and what's wrong with _ in an mail alias?. Its much easier for people that aren't that great with computers perhaps.

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    What do you mean no _ in an email address? my Yahoo email address is going on 13 years old with two of the _ in it, i've also had AOL addresses with the _ in them.

    Hell, if i had the talent I would have accepted... gotten a big fat check from Sony as a sign-on bonus (or maybe a nice new car and some electronic gear) and then fooled around with some code, made the entire system exploitable, leak it out under another name using a fake email address and Proxy!
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    They're going to hire someone with no signs of exceptional talent and sue people who have. Got logic?

    I agree it's fake. Also as geohot pointed out, PS3 isn't even half their demographic and doesn't even put a dent in their bottom line.. they could also get better hackers than some kid with a blog that has no sign of programming or RCE skills.

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    1up to the Indian Hacking community if this is real.


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