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    Rumor: Monkey Island 2: Special Edition Coming to PS3 via PSN

    Update: This rumor is now confirmed by lucasartsgames via, to quote: "Announcment one: Secret of Monkey Special Edition on PSN and Mac."

    According to the GDC rumor mill, Lucasarts is planning a Special Edition of The Secret Of Monkey Island 2 that will be coming soon to Sony's PS3 entertainment system via PSN. reports that unlike last year's Special Edition of the first game that never saw the light of day on the PlayStation 3, this year's will make it to PlayStation Network alongside PC, XBox 360 and iPhone versions.

    To quote: "We've heard from sources that the game is due to be announced very soon, perhaps even next week at the Game Developer's Conference, and that like the first game's special edition, will contain all-new graphics and audio.

    Unlike the first game, however, this one will be reaching a few more consumers, with versions planned for not just the Xbox 360, PC ad iPhone (like Monkey Island), but the PlayStation Network as well."

    Rumor: Monkey Island 2: Special Edition Coming to PS3 via PSN

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    If this rumor is true its great news! I used to love the Monkey Island series back in the days of the Commodore Amiga so a new refreshed version in very welcome indeed.

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    Yeah, Amiga was the machine...

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    Sweet - nice to see Lucasarts keeping us older gamers happy!
    (Mind you, isn't it about time they released a Monkey Island 5!!?)

    Graphic adventure games kinda died a death didn't they - wish there were some new HD games written - I'd definitely be interested!

    Oh and... Yeah Amiga rulez! (My A1200 is sitting in my garage gathering dust, must break it out sometime!)


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    awesome news Monkey Island is the best adventure game ever.

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    This is great news, but I do hope they also release part 1 too first, as you really need to have played the 1st one to understand a lot of stuff that happens in the second.. They have the engine running now, so how hard can it be? we can even play the old games using ScummVM in OtherOS, and that's without full hardware access.