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    Rumor: God of War III for PlayStation 3 Details Leaked!

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    This GameFAQs [Register or Login to view links] claims to have info on God of War III from an upcoming Game Informer feature.

    Official details are embargoed until this Friday, with a press event taking place for the game in LA last night.

    This lot doesn't sound amazingly far-fetched, to be fair:

    - Unlike God of War 1 and 2 where there are only 15 enemies on screen, there will now be around 50 this time.
    - You can ride monsters like the Cyclops and "control".
    - Kratos on the PS2 used 5,000 polygons, now he uses 20,000.
    - They made the weapons "better" so it adds more variety. Like with a different weapon, you don't get just a couple different attacks, but a whole different play style.
    - The lion gauntlets are called Cestus.
    - Enemy AI's are a lot smarter. Some of the enemies will be "commanders" and control the other grunts.
    - Enemies will look different, even if they're the same type. Like, even though the skeleton soldiers are in the same category, they will have varied looks, so it's not like everyone looks the same.
    - More boss fights than GoW 1, but less than GoW 2.
    - No multiplayer.
    - Hades boss fight confirmed.

    We'll know everything officially at 9.00am PST on Friday.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    God of War 3 is shaping up to be a cool game! :-)

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    I still cant wait for this game... but for some reason im not too impressed with some of the stuff on that list.

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    Such as the "No multiplayer" part right... i'm sure the single player gameplay would be mind blowing, but it would be so fun dueling other people, or just surviving increasingly difficult waves of enemies together either online or offline... hopefully there will be some coop

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    this game looks so awesome.. i cant wait for it

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    Jan 2009

    can't wait!!

    If this info is real the new God of War is going to show us a very clear picture of what the ps3 is capable of.

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