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    Q-Games Developer Comments on PSN Game Sharing for PS3

    Update: It appears Dylan Cuthbert is not alone on his stance towards PSN gamesharing, as David Jaffe also recently his thoughts against it.

    Recently it was reported that the PSN European Terms of Service only allowed three activations, which was quickly corrected by SCEE's MusterBuster stating it was a typo and five activations are still allowed on the PS3.

    During that time Dylan Cuthbert (developer of the upcoming PixelJunk Shooter) of Q-Games commented on PSN game sharing via, to quote:

    "Good news, 3 is plenty!"

    When someone asked what will happen to the limit if his PlayStation 3 broke down, he responded with the following:

    "If you had a lot of hardware failures Sony are actually quite receptive to resetting the count (if you ask them nicely)."

    Finally, he added the following statement in regards to game sharing:

    "Running on 3 accounts should be enough for anyone really, and re-downloading is unlimited - the 24hr lockout is fairest tho."

    Finally, for those who didn't know: Sony's Playstation Network allows "game sharing," which is a method where you can download the same content you bought from the PlayStation Store on one PlayStation 3 to another by activating your PlayStation Network account on the other system.

    Q-Games Developer Comments on PSN Game Sharing for PS3

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    Arrow Its All Good

    Its not a big deal. Well maybe for some it is but 3 or 5 is still a good number. The fact that we can share psn games is great all by itself.