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    PSN sales go from zero to hero - Sony "surprised"

    A recent charge in users of the online PlayStation Network has surprised even Sony, SCEE president and CEO David Reeves says.

    It seems the PSN has reaped the benefits of the recent turn of fortunes for the PS3, as Reeves stated: "One thing that has surprised us is in the Network purchases and the general level of interest that has been shown around the Network business."

    He continues: "We've gone from zero to almost double-digit millions in terms of what people have purchased in euros.

    "We've now got about two million PSN registrations. That's about 40 per cent of users. We've also had around 33 million downloads, which is a huge number. And we've got 25 stores up and running across the PAL territories," he told MCV.

    Things should pick up even further when Sony unleashes its PSN virtual world, Home, later this year.

    PSN sales go from zero to hero - Sony "surprised"

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    When HOME is realesed... I think we see hero to megamall... Because peoples will see many other different games, and reactions of another peoples