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    PSN Downtime: Paves the way for new video store?

    A new menu option has appeared under account management on the PS3 which suggests a movie store is coming up soon.

    If you follow this path: XMB > Account Management > Account Management > Activate System, you will see a new option to activate the system for different types of content, for now you can only select game but previously you could only activate the system for all content.

    This change suggests that more types of content are coming to the PS3 very soon - perhaps the downtime was for a server upgrade?

    With Firmware 2.4 and its host of tasty features due soon, we're quite excited (as usual) about the PS3 this year. We're fully expecting a raft of announcements for the video store and associated partners at E3.

    PSN Downtime: Paves the way for new video store?

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    was this part of 2.36? if so, guess nobody noticed before..