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    PSN Cards Debut in Canada at EB Games and GameStop

    Today Sony Computer Entertainment Canada's Senior Public Relations Specialist Kyle Moffatt has announced that PSN Cards are debuting in Canada finally.

    To quote: With the Stanley Cup finals ending last week the team at PlayStation Canada figured it would be a great time to bring the prepaid PSN cards to Canada!

    The cards, available in $20 and $50 denominations, can now be purchased at EB Games and GameStop locations across the country.

    In the coming weeks and months you'll also be able to buy the cards at: Best Buy, Future Shop, HMV, The Source by Circuit City and Rogers Plus entertainment locations with more to come.

    It's great time to pick up a PSN card so buy one today and check out some of the great content available like Flower or The Last Guy (two of my favorites) or a PSone classic like Final Fantasy VII or Resident Evil: Director's Cut.

    You can also get ready for a game I'm really looking forward to - Fat Princess. Now Canadians can have their cake and play with it too!

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    Thes have been in canada for the past 1.5 months, weird that they announce that now!

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    I hope they plan release these cards in the uk.