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    Contributor illizit's Avatar
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    Streaming works great. (Only for mpg's as far as I can tell). The upscaling also works pretty good! At least, its better than before, can't wait for the next one!

    ^^^ I meant I have only been able to test mpeg's!

    When are they adding custom backgrounds!?
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    Ever since this new update my 1.51 firmware ps3 using simple dns plus is not working cause i can not even sign in anymore so i now can not play online anymore is this happening to anyone else?

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    Contributor IanJ's Avatar
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    OK... update: Using Nero Mediahome

    video files in anything other than an MPEG4 format appear as 'icons' (with a little box saying MPEG2 etc) when you click them it appears that it's trying to connect to the PC then gives me an error "cannot connect to media".

    MPEG4 does stream but it's very slow over my wireless network. I also get random connection issues when accessing photos, so not sure if my problem is network or if the error should really say something like "Unsupported file format"

    Can anyone else check using Nero on a better network?

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    i updated to 1.8 and i am having all kinds of problems... PS3 FREEZES BEFORE I CAN TRY TO SING IN. i tried again.... got to sign in but have absolutely no sound coming from my ps3 except when it freezes, the triple beep of turning it off.. this is rediculous... please tell me im not the only 1 with this problem.

    thank you sony for a 700 dollar paper wieght! Oh and to clear a few things up... I used the system update feature in my XMB... so its not like i downloaded the wrong regional FW...i did exactly as ive done before for every other update... and i now have absolutely no sound, and it freezes consistantly not even a minute into loading... needless to say i am one pissed off sony customer!
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    No problems noticed so far like yours SHame13. Have you tried reseting to defaults?

    Been playing around some more with Nero Media Home. If you set the transcoding default to Auto Detect it streams all the video files i've already converted to MPEG4 fine and trys to push everything else as MPEG2.

    The PS3 recognises the MPEG2 files but wont play them "Cannot connect check media settings". Now i am not sure if this is a file format problem or a genuine network one.

    However, if i try and set the nero transcoder settings to anything other than Auto detect they all come up on the PS3 as unsupported files. Does anyone know of another program that recodes the video while streaming? Does VLC?

    Shame13: Have you tried reseting to factory defaults?

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    i restored all the factory settings... and still have no sound at all and it still freezes. i want to format the entire thing but i dont want to lose everything i have on it.

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    Big Grin

    you need to reset up your sound connection, just like display you need to select what you are using for sound: AV, HDMI, Digital...

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    i did reset all my setting to factory defaults... then i changed them back.. still no sound... but it took longer then usual for it to freeze. i almost thought it wasnt going to... i just dont understand how the update went wrong. i did nothinig different from every other FW upgrade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobTheSlob View Post
    One word of caution.. If you use Remote Play with your PSP, I would not update yet! You now have to "register" your PSP with the PS3 (hook up via USB cable) so it can be paired with your PS3 and be able to use remote play. I tried to register mine and it couldn't detect my PSP (custom firmware 3.40 OE-A) I don't know if the PSP firmware 3.50 is needed before this feature will work correctly, or if it is not letting me because it is doing some sort of firmware check on the PSP! just a word of warning...
    The press release says you must have FW 3.50 in order to use remote play, which won't be available until the end of the month. So you can wait til around May 31 or wait for a 3.50 OE (hopefully)!

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    Thanks for the help, but Im almost 100% sure that its not my settings... I had sound before the update, and only once or twice while playing a game my ps3 froze but never in the XMB... I actually was able to sign into the PS network, and load tekken (still with out sound), but when I exited out and tried to click folding home, it froze. and every time I turned it on since, has been an insta-freeze. this was after I cut its power for a few hours.

    Even the guy I was on the phone with said Im screwed With out a reciept (which I lost) i have to pay them some where around $150 to recieve a box in the mail... Normaly i would never bash a company, but this is complete BS... guess that why every time you update you have to agree to terms and conditions... cause if something goes wrong, you cant blame them....thank you sony, i have never felt so violated.

    i could understand if i used a storage media to update, and buy some slim chance used the wrong regional FW... but i didnt..i clicked "update from internet"... completely finished the update... said press x to restart.. and now my ps3 runs for a few seconds with out sound, until it seems to over heat and lock up... only speculation on that, but the fan doesnt seem to run like it used to, and if i have it off for a while it stays on longer... but if i turn it back on right after a freeze, it freezes within seconds instead of a few min.
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