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    Wink PS3 USBLD Loader v0.3 RC1 & ModHook Versions Released!

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    After some time off since his previous release, this weekend Spanish PS3 developer Ifcaro has released two new non-final PS3 USBLD Loader test versions.

    They appear to add both increased compatibility and a language/driver file folder (namely, x:/USBLD) as follows:

    Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (Put in folder X: USBLD USBLDLNG.TXT where X is the letter of the usb disk and the setup screen select Import language file. Same thing with X: USBLD USBD . IRX driver for usb)

    Rough translation: ATTENTION: This is NOT the final version. It is only a test version and find bugs etc.

    The theme ps2load not finished because I realized that uses images ioprp well protected and is not it out XD. So if you test if the games run without requiring ps2load in this version in case.

    I leave with you two versions one with and one without modhook, tell if something's modhook improved compatibility (or the worse) or if it does delete.

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    This requires swap magic too ?

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    As far as I'm aware, that requirement did not change. For those unfamiliar with the methods for using this, here are some of the older guides:

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    Thanks, I'll try it out

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    The program also works with the 40GB pal ps3?

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    If it has (4) USB ports then yes it supports PS2 emulation and will work, if it only have (2) USB ports then no it won't work.

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    thanks ifcaro.. my ps3 doesn't ps2 sofftware emulation 2 usb portr(s)

    more please ps2 loader all version coming soon ifcaro

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    this doesnt work the 80gb right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trisro View Post
    this doesnt work the 80gb right?
    yes new 2 usb port(s) 80 gig models doesn't supported. cechk04 not supported

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    40GB and 80GB doesn't support PS2 emulation.

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