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There's the link to the patch (Thnx Euss)

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4.25 CoreOS Files: [Register or Login to view links]

Thnx to PsDev for the tool.

    Master: type 0x1 n 0x19 size: 006fffe0 (max: 006fffe0)
    file 00: roff 0x000004c0 sz 0x00040000 'creserved_0' (raw: 000004c0)
    file 01: roff 0x000404c0 sz 0x00000008 'sdk_version' (raw: 000404c0)
    file 02: roff 0x000404c8 sz 0x0000fb4c 'spu_pkg_rvk_verifier.self' (raw: 000404c8)
    file 03: roff 0x00050014 sz 0x0000c930 'spu_token_processor.self' (raw: 00050014)
    file 04: roff 0x0005c944 sz 0x000063d0 'spu_utoken_processor.self' (raw: 0005c944)
    file 05: roff 0x00062d14 sz 0x0001d2d8 'sc_iso.self' (raw: 00062d14)
    file 06: roff 0x0007ffec sz 0x00004298 'aim_spu_module.self' (raw: 0007ffec)
    file 07: roff 0x00084284 sz 0x0000d7f0 'spp_verifier.self' (raw: 00084284)
    file 08: roff 0x00091a74 sz 0x0000808c 'mc_iso_spu_module.self' (raw: 00091a74)
    file 09: roff 0x00099b00 sz 0x00008890 'me_iso_spu_module.self' (raw: 00099b00)
    file 10: roff 0x000a2390 sz 0x00016170 'sv_iso_spu_module.self' (raw: 000a2390)
    file 11: roff 0x000b8500 sz 0x00005f88 'sb_iso_spu_module.self' (raw: 000b8500)
    file 12: roff 0x000be488 sz 0x00008890 'me_iso_for_ps2emu.self' (raw: 000be488)
    file 13: roff 0x000c6d18 sz 0x00016170 'sv_iso_for_ps2emu.self' (raw: 000c6d18)
    file 14: roff 0x000dce88 sz 0x00002720 'default.spp' (raw: 000dce88)
    file 15: roff 0x000df600 sz 0x00138ee0 'lv1.self' (raw: 000df600)
    file 16: roff 0x00218500 sz 0x000e73e0 'lv0' (raw: 00218500)
    file 17: roff 0x002ff900 sz 0x00000500 'lv0.2' (raw: 002ff900)
    file 18: roff 0x002ffe00 sz 0x0017ec78 'lv2_kernel.self' (raw: 002ffe00)
    file 19: roff 0x0047ea78 sz 0x00070f94 'eurus_fw.bin' (raw: 0047ea78)
    file 20: roff 0x004efa0c sz 0x0008a9d8 'emer_init.self' (raw: 004efa0c)
    file 21: roff 0x0057a3e4 sz 0x00060f00 'hdd_copy.self' (raw: 0057a3e4)
    file 22: roff 0x005db2e4 sz 0x000012a8 'manu_info_spu_module.self' (raw: 005db2e4)
    file 23: roff 0x005dc58c sz 0x000002e0 'prog.srvk' (raw: 005dc58c)
    file 24: roff 0x005dc86c sz 0x00000240 'pkg.srvk' (raw: 005dc86c)