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    PS3 GTA IV presales outpace 360 version down under

    When Microsoft announced its multimillion deal with Rockstar for exclusive downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV, many predicted that this would provide a significant incentive for gamers to choose the Xbox 360 version of the game over the PlayStation 3 version.

    But Australian presale figures seem to be telling a different story, with major retailers contacted by GameSpot AU today saying that the PS3 version was currently in the lead.

    A spokeswoman for EB Games Australia--the largest specialty games retailer in the country--told GameSpot AU that the PS3 version of GTAIV was just ahead of the 360 in terms of presales. "We are happy to tell you it's neck and neck, but at the moment, PlayStation 3 is currently in the lead," EB Games Australia brand and public relations manager Debra McGrath said.

    The PS3 version was even farther ahead with retailer Gametraders. The company's national marketing manager Chad Polley said, "According to the figures we have at the moment, we're [pre-]selling two PS3 versions for every one 360 unit."

    Last night, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia fired back at Microsoft's DLC incentive, finally confirming rumours that there is indeed a PlayStation 3 GTAIV bundle on the way for Australia. The pack comes with a 40GB PS3, one Sixaxis controller, and a copy of the game. If you haven't got a PS3 already, the bundle will be available on April 29, the same day as the game's release, for A$749.95 ($709.44).

    PS3 GTA IV presales outpace 360 version down under

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    The only reason all PS3 owners preordered GTA is because they dont have any other games to play.
    360 owners are busy playing other games, and will buy GTA when it comes out