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    PS3 Controller Driver Available for Windows Vista

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    Although Googling takes this back to at least [Register or Login to view links] and the Chinese author's [Register or Login to view links] linked in the application appears dead, I don't see this in our PS3 Downloads section yet so here goes, from the source link above:

    A Chinese programmer has put together a PS3 controller driver that works with standard USB HID. That driver is called SixAxisDriver, and you can grab it right [Register or Login to view links]. Simply run the install, load the driver, reboot Vista, and your controller will be identified and will start working!

    We do, however, already have a several similar utilities in our archive including a Sixaxis PS3 Linux Driver For PC and a Sixaxis PS3 Win32 Driver For PC among others for those interested... the more, the merrier eh? :p More PlayStation 3 News...

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    This is good news I guess, but I myself already have one of those previous drivers installed .. This would've been an exceptionally good, ground-breaking news, if this driver supported the PS3 controller's bluetooth connection, hence meaning no wires even when using the controller with a PC.

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    Hey guys, after a little googlin' i stumbled on a cool link. Theres a guy who's developed a nice tool to deal with the Sixaxis via Bluetooth.

    [Register or Login to view links]

    Look for BtSix - written by the poster 89ron

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    Hi, does this driver work on XP ?

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    It should, but if not the "Sixaxis PS3 Win32 Driver For PC" linked in the first post definitely does.

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    it worked just fine for me

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    Have just tried this with Windows XP SP3 and it works really fine, thank god. Now i can throw away my old joystick and use a good one. Thanks for pointing this.

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    It wouldn't work for me... shouldn't I be able to use it on any computer game?

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    tried this twice with Vista 64 bit with absolutely no luck at all. Tried running it and the libusb service in WinXP compatibility mode with no luck as well.

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    All PC games that support a controller. Plus you may need to configure the controller in windows before you use it in a game.


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