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    – including those already in Dutch homes –

    Holy crap, couldn't that be considered a little excessive? I mean I support LG in this fight but wow, that can almost be considered a dick move..

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    Well please do explain what you expect...

    I`m Dutch and this is not possible in our justice system because even if something is stolen here and you would buy it in good faith (with other words there is by no meaning any reason to believe it`s stolen) you are allowed to keep it.

    but plz explain your post

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    buying stolen property is just a little bit different than bying a product containing patent infringements.. the customer is completely protected in this case, depending on locality...

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    I'm dutch and this has to be one of the worst piece of gaming journalism that i've read in ages.. Sony won the next round already.

    "Sony wins court case against LG, all seized PS3s to be returned. Sony today defeated LG in The Hague's civil court, reports Dutch gaming website InsideGamer.

    The Netherlands-based court ordered South Korean technology giant LG to return all 300,000 seized PlayStation 3 consoles. Each day the company fails to return the seized PS3s, it will have to pay a €200,000 euro fine. Additionally, LG must pay €130,000 euros to cover legal fees related to the case.

    LG initially sued Sony because it believed the Blu-ray playback technology in the PS3 console violated its patents. This legal dispute has not yet concluded; Sony's victory today relates only to the seizure of PS3 consoles, not to patent infringement. The Hague court's decision indicates that Sony will likely defeat LG in the long run, however."
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    Moved to the main page now and +Rep for the news crud26.

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    I won't give my FAT ps3 to them, come get it in my home sony, search somewhere in Zuid-Holland , First the Netherlands were free, now we have that stupid BREIN and now this again. This country needs to go back to there roots and shows that everything is legal here (weeds, women )

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    It's the same thing in the UK but the Police themselves are badly trained and say this is untrue I know this as a friend bought a PC from a second hand shop which turned out to be stolen and the Police were abusiveand said if he didnt give it to them he would get arrested (typical UK Police scare tactics and "we are right you are wrong" attitude).

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    This is a lie!!! It's NOT true...

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    if someone comes in my house and take my stuff, i don't care who they are they will get shot it was not on them who bought it.

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    lol too true, only a fool tries to come between a gamer and his console!

    sandbags and shotguns people sandbags and shotguns!


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