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    PS3 CoD4 Double XP and 'Play With Infinity Ward' Planned

    The new Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack is still undergoing certification by Sony.

    Things are probably busy on Sony's side with the upcoming re-launch of the PLAYSTATION Store and all the new content coming in the weeks ahead. No firm release date has been confirmed just yet.

    In the meantime, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling assures PLAYSTATION 3 CoD4 gamers that there will be a Double XP weekend and a "Play With Infinity Ward" event when the Map Pack is released.

    Xbox 360 CoD4 gamers will have the Call of Duty 4 LIVE Fire Weekend 2008 this upcoming weekend, and previously had the Double XP event when the Map Pack was released for the Xbox 360.

    PS3 CoD4 Double XP and 'Play With Infinity Ward' Planned

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    last time double xp was not great, it was all laggy. hope this time they fix it and don't happen same thing again.

    also, did the xbox get extra day for double xp?