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    PS3 blue tooth headset and PSP GPS unit details!

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    Details have emerged for the PS3 Blue tooth headset and the GPS unit. The PS3 headset will cost $49.99 for the standalone version and the SOCOM: Confrontation bundle will cost $59.99, it is expected to launch in July/August.

    The PSP GPS Unit will apparently be competitive against any current GPS system and will be a extremely high value/low consumer cost portable navigation solution.

    To quote: PlayStation 3 BlueTooth Headset


    - Provides High-fidelity audio input to PS3
    - Supports "voice command" in certain PS3 games
    - Easy pairing through USB connection with PS3
    - Comes with docking station for easy charging
    - Compatible with cellphones


    Consumers who want to communicate while in-game


    Standalone - $49.99 MSRP; SOCOM: Confrontation bundle - $59.99 MSRP



    PlayStation Portable GPS Unit

    Competitive against any current GPS system
    Extremely high value/low consumer cost portable navigation solution


    - 3D city maps and 3D landmarks
    - Find & Go - easy search and keyboard
    - POI's - over 70 categories in thousands of locations
    - U.S. and Canada maps on one UMD
    - Downloadable global maps

    PS3 blue tooth headset and PSP GPS unit details!

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    Very good style! when this will be available in Europe?

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    Just hope it comes to europe soon

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