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    PS2 Games on PS Store via PS3 Firmware Compatibility Update?

    For the time being this is simply a rumor, however, French site (linked above) is reporting that a game publisher told them Sony was planning to add PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility in a recent PlayStation 3 Firmware Update... but pulled it at the last minute.

    They continue to mention that it may be added in a future update, and that we may see PlayStation 2 games on the PlayStation Store.

    Adding fuel to the is news that the original Medal of Honor and the ESRB-rated PlayStation 2 game "Rayman 2: Revolution" are slated for the PlayStation 3, which usually means they're going to pop up on the PlayStation Store at some point in the future.

    As always, more details to come as they are available! More PlayStation 3 News...

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    thats great! Lets see if it works well.

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    Specially-ported PS2 games makes sense; emulation is a lot easier when you can tweak the game as well as the emulator. Of course this is only a rumor.

    But I'd like to see them do it so you can either pay to download the game, and it works just like any other PSN game...

    ...or you can download the game free, but it'll only run with the PS2 disc in the drive. That way, people don't have to re-buy the game if they already have it.

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    I hope and pray that they will introduce a Emu of somekind !! Got a lot of PS2 games here...

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    should of bought a 60gb then m8