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    Prince of Persia devs planned something special for PS3 owners

    You may or may not be aware that there's a vote taking place on the official Prince of Persia This poll allows people to pick one of three Xbox 360 achievements for the final game.

    Not much use to PS3 owners, but Ubisoft has done its best to keep us sweet. The poll itself states that PS3 fans need not take umbrage and that they have "planned something special" for us too.

    Whether this will have anything to do with the upcoming trophies for the game, or something else entirely, there's no real indication.

    Needless to say, however, we're looking forward to seeing whatever it is Ubisoft comes up with. What can we say, we love surprises!

    Prince of Persia devs planned something special for PS3 owners

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    I cant wait to see pop of the ps3!!! it will be awesome.. and cant wait to see the graphics!

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    i really appreciated the realism that was so much a part of A.C. [i wonder however if beggars of old were really that damn annoying] and can't wait to see what Ubisoft will do with PofP when, and this is my understanding thus far, they are allowed a more fantastical world to work in.

    But in regard to the OP, well, it's quite impressive that we PS3 users aren't being left behind or just wondering what these random achievements are for on our system and can instead count on something more, relevant i guess is the word, on our system.

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    I would say one thing would be trophies... as for the others, I guess we'll have to wait on some news.