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    PlayStation Store: NCAA 08, DiRT Demos

    Playable demos headline this week's PlayStation Store update, but it may not be news to multiplatform gamers. First up is a 553MB demo of, which appeared on the Xbox 360 and PC nearly, though it still precedes the retail release of the delayed PlayStation 3 version by about three weeks. A 728MB demo of also comes after its Xbox 360 counterpart, not to mention this week's launch of

    Luckily, the non-interactive offerings are a bit more relevant, with new trailers for and leading the pack, followed by a pair of downloads. The second episode of the Heavenly Sword -- Animated Prologue: Legend of the Sword anime mini-series (seen above) has been added to the Store, along with the next installment in the "Making of" series dedicated to the mid-September release. Bringing up the rear this week are film trailers for The Brothers Solomon, WALL-E, and The Lives of Others (Blu-ray).

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    Cool Kool

    Sounds awesome dude, i registered my online store to hong kong a supposed hack but unless you can read asian game titles your screwed