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    PlayStation Home Xi: The Hub is Now Available for PS3 Users!

    As it was hinted yesterday, today the PlayStation Home Xi Symbol's mystery has been finally been revealed.

    Marking the beginning of the Game Developers Conference 2009, if you go to the mysterious "Xi Symbol" and press X you'll be able to download "The Hub", a new Home Space.

    The Space is 27mb big. Check out the pic below, which states: "The Hub is a secret area created for early Home alpha-testers. It has been recently modified."


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    I'm going to add your second submission here, as it doesn't need a dedicated Site News post of it's own since the other was today and we already have a second Xi update too.

    SilentTigeR shared the following update with us: Help for people who got problems solving the "Xi" quests can go to this blog:

    It will help you with your questions and is updated daily. Just comment if you have a problem

    +Rep to you though SilentTigeR!