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    PlayStation 3 exclusive Savage Moon revealed, due November 2008

    A PlayStation 3 exclusive known as Savage Moon was announced a short while ago, but very little was known about it up until today.

    Sony has just updated (linked above) with an introduction to the game as well as 20 screens! The description kicks off with "Savage Moon sees you protecting a remote off-world mining facility from waves of ravenous space bugs, looking to consume everything in their path."

    To quote: Armed with a fearsome array of defensive weapons, your mission is to take your choice of the finest armaments known to humankind and keep the facility safe by strategically placing these guns which then automatically fire at their targets.

    Will you select the dependable rapid-fire machine gun? The intimidating Chaos Tower? Or opt for another item taken from the range of destructive weaponry at your disposal? Choose carefully, as each one has to be manually positioned for the greatest effectiveness in destroying the increasing waves of monstrous insects.

    You are the only hope left on this Savage Moon.

    * Upgrade your weapons to increase their size and firepower, and research even more devastating technologies to aid your mission
    * Devise your defence from a massive array of strategies - choose power over speed, or block routes to put the space bugs in the firing line for longer
    * Compete for the highest scores against the best planet Earth has to offer in global online ranking boards More PlayStation 3 News...

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    It seems to be a tower-defense game like monster encore, but with good graphics. It's a game that can be realeased at PSN.